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battery-free minimal touch interfaces

In this research we propose a novel method for incorporating battery-free RFID touch interfaces to everyday objects. These interfaces, that we have called touchskins, are powered by a wearable device that recognizes the object and processes the user’s interaction. We present our approach to create customizable rules between touchskins and objects or digital services.

This project will be submitted to publish so some information is now closed for general public.

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MSc final thesis project
Feb, 2016 - Feb, 2017


Placing minimal battery-free touch sensors on everyday objects

As humans, we have evolved sophisticated capabilities to sense and manipulate our physical world. Since we are born, haptic exploration is present in our daily interaction with our surrounding. However, in a digital world, our capabilities are often constrained within limits of screens. Handheld and desktop computers are our main devices to interact with digital world. Within its usage there's an inherent limitation since our natural way to interact with our enviroment is using all of our senses
Morever this devices must be powered in order to operate. This has an energy cost that must be fulfilled with its usage.

For that reason, in this research project we explore coupling inputs directly on objects to control digital responses. In addition our solution must have low-energy consumption and avoid incorporating batteries on objects.

Research goals

How can we augment interactions with passive objects without incorporating batteries on them?

To do that, we must define an interaction model based on direct manipulation of physical objects and a explore of rules to generate responses on multiple outputs.


In this project I was responsible of defining the conceptual and interaction model. Once defined, I designed the ecosystem between the multiple present in this projects. I also designed and implemented the responses of connected objects and wearable device and allowed the middle communication between sensors, the wearable device and our mobile app.