Smash stress

play while you wait

Smash Stress is an interactive system we developed to prevent people from crossing when the traffic light is red.

It consists on a little game that is activated when people are forbidden to cross. The goal is to turn off all the lights of the system by kicking the target as fast as possible. This way people can entertain themselves during they wait for green light.

We set it up on Bonanova’s square traffic light and many people used it and though it was a good idea. Kids specially loved to play with it.

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Work under my MSc studies
Oct, 2016 - Dec, 2016


How can we avoid people from crossing the street when they are not allowed?


Smash stress was a project for Art, Creativity & Design class on my MSc. We were a group of three multidisciplinary people. I was responsible to define the interaction model, prepare the electric circuit using Arduino for the physical prototype and code its behavior. We prepared together with the team the final prototype to be installed on a semaphor