Life spark

a projector-based interface based on projected light particle

This research focuses on developing and validating a new scenario of interaction of mixed reality in which an interactive life spark shows us how we can create a communication between reality and virtuality.

This little spark (virtual), projected in our world, is affected by the surrounding environment, but also has the ability to influence and activate objects in the real world. An interaction language with physical objects is also defined allowing more complex interactions once combined together.

This project has been submitten to be published. So many information is now closed for general public.

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BS thesis of Ian Magarzo
June 2016

Research goals

Exploring bidirectional interaction from digital and physical worlds based on light particle

The line between reality and virtuality is becoming narrower. Yet there are a multitude of options that exist to bring together the integration between software elements and the physical layers that contain them. In this context user interfaces play an important role, since they are the tool to communicate with these hybrid systems. How can we interact with both physical and digital elements using a single interface? Will this interface be perceived as a digital one or a physical one?


I collaborated on this project to define the evaluation methods to validate and compare this interface with a traditional one. I also contributed in extracting results and also the writing of the research paper.