Haptic globe

feel the music with haptic feedback

Concerts & music festivals are already a multimodal experience. Apart from perceiving music using our hearing sense, quite often music creators work on the visuals effects fusing them in the experience In our approach, we explore on adding one more sense to this equation, haptics.

For that reason we decided to create a haptic interface to feel the music in our hands. This interface consist on a globe with multiple sensors that vibrate with the surrounding sound or with specific rules defined

This project was designed, developed and tested during Sonar Innovation Challenge in 4 days during Sónar+D Festival at Barcelona.

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Amplifon | Sónar+D
13 June, 2018 - 16 June, 2018


How can we allow people with hearing loss to experience music?

Current music experience target mainly both hearing and vision senses. How can we compensate users if there's a reduction on the main channel of this experience.


Augmenting sound experience with a haptic globe

Acording to WHO Global in 2030, 68 Million people in Europe will suffer from hearing loss. Currently, only 29% of them decide to treat it (31% more than today). In that context Amplifon, together with Sónar+D, challenged us to explore new ways to raise awareness to this situation. Since we were on a music & technology festival we decided to augment current experiences, specially for people with hearing loss, in these enviroments. Many efforts are already been made with visuals, often fused with the music played.
For that reason we decided to focus on other sense, haptics. Our result, a haptic globe that allows users to perceive in their hands the music.


I was part of a multidisciplinary group of five members of the challenge. I was responsible of the communication by serial from music sequencer to visuals and later on to the haptic globe. I was also responsible on defining the concept and haptic behavior of the globe. Once defined, I designed the electric circuit needed for the globe, I solder it and I programmed the needed code.

Press & Awards

Sónar+D Innovation Challenge - Our final presentation on stage to the audience

Press article about our haptic globe in Expansión, Europa Press and Antena 3