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I participated in Imagine Express 2016 as a developer. This contest consisted on developing an solution during a hackathon of three days. We travelled in a train from Barcelona to London and we presented Got It, our solution, on London Eye.

Got It is a platform that allows you to find and buy any product near you quickly, with the guarantee that the merchant has the product.

This platform is composed by two apps: one for the consumer, and another for the merchant . The consumer app allows users to send product petitions to the merchants in order to know if they have a specific product near them. The merchant app, receives product petitions in order to confirm if they have or not the product.

That way, with a few clicks the consumer is able to find and buy anything he wants near him and fast. And for the merchant, is an easy way to sell just in two clicks, acquire new clients and be more visible to the world.

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Imagine Express 2016
February 2016


How can we help people to avoid frustration while getting an urgent product or service?


Connecting costumers directly to proximal merchants

When we are home we commonly know where to find products and services that we need. Our everyday experiences within our neighborhood allows us to learn about our surroundings and even directly contact with merchants to check if our item is available.

However, once we are in unknown environments or our common resources fail we have to find a solution as soon as possible without making any effort. We expect to immediate find another place that can fulfill our demand.

Despite online shopping gives us the possibility to access millions of products, there's always a delay to receive our product, so in the end, we'll have to wait. When it comes to non familiar situations:

"We want to find our product directly and get it immediate"

For that reason, we decided to connect costumers to nearby merchants that can take their demand. Got It connects merchant's products with people, ensuring a potential sell.

got it slogan

Got it slogan


I was part of a multidisciplinary team of three members of the challenge. I was responsible on defining the experience and designing screens for the application

Press & Awards

Preaccelerator Award - We were given a place in a preaccelerator by la Salle Technova

Dreamers Award by Imagine Foundation - We were able to present our solution on 4YFN from Mobile World Congress 2016.

Winner of Last Developer Dreamer Contest - Final Developers Selection Hackathon by Imagine Foundation

Imagine Express'16 Final Event - report by Banc Sabadell

Video Imagine Express'16 - Video summary of the Mobile Hackatrain by Imagine foundation.