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Smart mobility for last mile journeys

On-the-go electric scooter service placed on strategic spots that allow users to arrive to the exact location they need. Since it's an easy to take device, it's expected to be rented and returned at the end of the necessity.
It's specially designed as a complement of other mobility services such as train, bus or metro.

To define this service, we researched user needs and motivations on Barcelona area and analysed current mobility solutions in Barcelona area. Our conclusions, detected a gap consisting on a need to travel from the point that our last transport can leave us, to the exact location we want to go. When travelling it's a common situation to not find parking or that the public transport doesn't end in the door of our final destination

Flexmile goal was created to solve this final frustrating step, ensuring an efficient door to door journey.

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RACC | Roca Salvatella | Imagine Creativity Center
May 2017


How can we help people to avoid frustration on everyday commute while ensuring arriving on time?
Both public and private transportation on a city like Barcelona in the rush hour can be chaotic. For that reason we want to explore solutions to reduce our stress while commuting and start the day full of energy

gotit app


I was part of a multidisciplinary team of three members of the challenge. We analysed current problems and generated ideas together on mobility solutions together with the team. I was responsible on defining the experience, conducting user and competition research and evaluating final proposal.

Press & Awards

Winners of Efficient Travelling category - Video summary of this hackathon by Imagine Foundation