portrait gerard serra

I'm a curiosity-driven explorer in the worlds of design, human cognition and artificial intelligence.

Technology is my palette of creation to craft new ideas and experiences that can expand our mind or augment our capabilities.

I can collaborate with you 👈 as a creative technologist, product and UX designer or engineer using multiple technologies or even creating if needed.


In a nutshell ... 👇

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Right now, I am working as a researcher and doing my PhD at GTM group. My research explores how to combine human design processes with artificial intelligent agents and interfaces.

I also freelance in projects involving product design, ux research or new interfaces definition both in digital or physical worlds. During various years, I have been involved in multiple contests in innovation, hackathons and other challenges where I met great people and I expanded my knowledge.
Here you have a summary, in a CV format.

My life journey started in Valls, the city of calçots and castells. From there I came to Barcelona where I obtained a BS in Multimedia Engineering and a MSc on Multimedia creation. During my studies I started to collaborate on outside projects mainly on design, video creation and web development.
Later on, I worked as a research assistant on Seamless Interaction group where I started to play with new interfaces between humans and computers. There, I discovered my passion on exploring new ways to interact with technology.

I also worked as Interaction Designer and later on as a Senior UX Designer on HP Inc defining products and services in the field of 2D and 3D printers. After being certain time full-time on industry, I felt that I needed to come back to explore the unknown, so I decided to quit and start my PHD. I believe that working both in academy and industry helps me to expand my vision. So I love to be in both worlds. In summer 2019, I had the opportunity to join Google for some months exploring possible future interactions with technology

What I enjoy the most about the creative process is to collaborate and learn from others. I love to participate through the whole cycle, from idea generation to final development and testing.

So, if you want us to talk send mail me at gerardsgs [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you!